White Paper: Antenna Tuning Using Smith Diagram

1/4 Length Antenna

This White Paper represents an important explanation of how antenna tuning using smith diagram is done practically. In its introduction it mentioned the reflected power in un-tuned antenna, where tuning is important when the antenna is reused in another application. The shape and size of the ground plane, for example, is one of the parametersRead More

How Electronics Engineers Sense The Heat of Soldering Iron

Electronics engineers tend to measure the heat of soldering iron using nose and burn themselves by accident. This funny GIF show you how!!. The source video is adapted from electroboom Youtube channel. Despite of the sarcasm part. This is a innate action done by electronics engineers, but not all know that that nose is oneRead More

Hardware Bugs VS Software Bugs

Hardware Bug vs Software Bug

It’s not a rule, but hardware bugs drive to disasters in comparison to software bugs. The poor hardware engineer will be suspected and may be jailed. For more like this.