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First Time To Order PCB Assembly Service? A Guide to PCBWay’s PCBA

PCBA or Printed Circuit Board Assembly is the process of getting the PCB components populated to the bare PCB, where…

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FTDI MPSSE Serial Engine Programming Tutorial: Basics and A GUI Example

Many MCUs don’t have the physical layer to support direct connection with USB, while most of them have a serial…

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Buy One, Get Three: The Multi-function Instrument “Analog Discovery 2” Review

Special thanks to Digilent for providing their Swiss Army Knife device called “Analog Discovery 2” or simply AD2 for the…

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A Gentle Practical Introduction to USB: Basics and Terms Explained!

I remember my first try to understand the basics of USB bus, tons of ambiguous terms here and there: descriptors,…

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9 Logistic Questions Asked about Printed Circuit Board Services — OurPCB Manufacture Answers

PCB manufacturers deal with too much customers which in return forms a bank of frequently asked questions and a list…

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What is Flex PCB? — An Overview of Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB

The most common and used type of Printed Circuit Boards is the rigid type, but the flex one is another…

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How to Use GIT to Manage Firmware Versions

“I swear I compiled and tested the firmware on my side and it was working … a couple hours/days later,…

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Embedded C Developers: To Hate Or Love C++? A Book Has The Answer

The story in short   Surveys (.i.e Eclipse IoT Developer Survey & IEEE Spectrum Survey ) and current state show…

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ROS, IMU and an Arduino: How to read IMU sensor output and send it to ROS

Navigating a robot can be pretty easy while using human assistance. In certain cases, full control will be needed. As…

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Introduction to rosserial_arduino

  Because of its easy use and low cost, Arduino boards succeed to spread to a variety of applications, especially…

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