About us

Atadiat is the Arabic translation of the ‘Hardware’ word. We have chosen an Arabic name as Atadiat was born in the Middle East region. And that’s why this website is available in both languages Arabic and English.
Our staff is not only passionate but also qualified with engineering background; some of them have published more than 100 technical articles and micro-blogs about electronics and worked in R&D in electronics.

We believe that Electronics is a practical domain and related content must be fine and practical. Unfortunately, many topics are still not covered well yet as a written content. Another problem is that many websites just want to reach more audience even with duplicated and non-practical content. We aim to provide a new content experience with marketing related to electronics to our audience.

We provides 3 types of content:

  • Micro-blogs:
    Micro is a content type produced by Atadiat to share with the reader an information or an experience usually in form of tips and tricks.
  • Technical Articles:
    Article is a type of the content published by Atadiat to share with the reader an in-depth tutorial or a review of a topic or technology.
  • Projects:
    project is a content type produced by Atadiat to share with the reader a practical steps to build a project step by step and with good and lengthy explanation.

Team and Contributors


Editor-in-chief & Content Contributor

Embedded Hardware Engineer interested in open hardware and was born in the same year as Linux. Yahya is the editor-in-chief of Atadiat and believes in the importance of sharing free, practical, spam-free and high quality written content with others. His experience with Embedded Systems includes developing firmware with bare-metal C and Arduino, designing PCB&schematic and content creation.

Website Administrator

Computer Engineer specialized with mobile application programming and has interest with other set of computer languages. Nour is the technical administrator of Atadiat.


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