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Atadiat is the Arabic translation of the ‘Hardware’ word. We have chosen an Arabic name as Atadiat was born in the Middle East region. And that’s why this website is available in both languages Arabic and English. Atadiat believes that Electronics and embedded systems are practical domains and related content must be easy to understand and practical. We aim to provide high-quality content.

Engineering, in general, requires a lot of effort to gain actual experience and become proficient in design. It takes years of hands-on development experience and cannot be solely taught through online resources or textbooks. We are eager to leverage our past experiences and background to thoroughly understand clients requirements, propose the right decisions, and successfully execute the necessary tasks with precision and timeliness. Thus, we provide in Atadiat embedded systems consulting engineering services (Atadiat-lab).

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As a brief history, Atadiat started as a local startup early in 2013 by Yahya Tawil and a team of founding members (Anas Abo Hyleh, Mazen Hassani, Ali Al-Hamwi, Alaa Baghdadi, and Siraj Mohammad). All of us where undergraduate electronics and computer engineering students. Atadiat had a mission to design and manufacture development kits and providing education materials about electronics (part of the designed circuits are found in projects section) for local community. Later on, Atadiat shut down its operations in 2015, were all of the team graduated from university and started working as full-time employees in different companies including me the founder, Yahya Tawil.

Later on I took the decision to keep Atadiat as a blog for posting articles and macros. Atadiat blog had many great contributions from guest authors and supporters like: Nour Tawil, Maisa Jazba, Jafar Abdi, and Khaldon Said.

I have been working in the field of embedded system engineering since 2014, gaining international experience in both on-site and online consultant and employment positions. My experience includes exposure to Firmware and Electronics development for various applications. Throughout my journey, I have been responsible for different phases of the product life-cycle, including the development of low-level sensors/module drivers, application firmware, design for manufacturing (DFM), prototyping, and various types of testing and analysis. I also have a research interest in the areas of Tiny machine learning (TinyML) and sensor fusion. I hold a degree in Computer Engineering and a master’s degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering.

Yahya Tawil

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