LibIt Eagle CAD ULP: Never Do Calculation During Creating Parts Footprint Again

I participated with this ULP as an entry for element14’s EAGLE ULP contest. I won the 2nd place and I was expecting to receive my 800-Dollar-worth prize (Weller WX 2020 soldering station), before they informed me that I was excluded from getting it because of my nationality!

However, my participation was to solve a problem more than to win the prize. The idea behind this ULP is to make creating packages/footprints for libraries much easier and faster.

In ordinary way, you should do a lot of calculations to place the SMD/pads in the right place. It could become complicated and tedious if we’re talking about 100 pin package. Moreover, you can use LibIt to add lines and rectangles as an outline for the package.

Building A DIL-08 package in Eagle CAD in Less Than 1 Min Using “LibIt” ULP

This ULP has 4 dialogs:

See how to use it in the video bellow:


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