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White Paper: Antenna Tuning Using Smith Diagram

This White Paper represents an important explanation of how antenna tuning using smith diagram is done practically. In its introduction it mentioned the reflected power in un-tuned antenna, where tuning is important when the antenna is reused in another application. The shape and size of the ground plane, for example, is one of the parameters that change from one application to another.

Smith Diagram is used to perform tuning, which contains all the parameters that are needed for the tuning process and calculations.

 Smith Diagram

Smith Diagram

The paper presents three methods of tuning an antenna:

  1. Length adjustment .
  2. Single component.
  3. Pi-network components.

antenna tuning using smith diagram

In the WP’s last section there are two practical examples with numerical values. One of them is for tuning a quarter wavelength monopole antenna.

1/4 Wavelength AntennaA printed quarter wavelength monopole antenna

Read the White Paper on Nordic Semiconductor website. Or you can download it from Atadiat’s server.

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