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Do you like publishing written content related to Electronics and Embedded systems? Do you have something to share with the community?

If you are a hobbyist, specialist, or an engineer, then we are happy to have you in our network of writers. You will have a special journey and experience by joining Atadiat.

Why would you join us?

  • Share you expertizes: Your published content will be read by students, hobbyists and engineers under Atadiat’s website reach.
  • 10K visits per month: Our 10K visits will be a great chance to reach many people around the globe.
  • Writer reputation: You can share your writer page with colleagues, job posters and in your resume. This will make a positive impact on your proved and published experiences.
  • Finical support: We provide finical support for the published content.
  • Get new knowledge: The best way to refine your knowledge is by teaching other and writing it down. You will catch every needed details to make others understand you.

Types of content we publish

We publish 3 types of content:

  • Micros: It is microblogs targeting sharing lightly special tips and tricks.
  • Articles: It is a speciated content regarding a topic or technology, that needs a detailed explanation in form of tutorial or introduction.
  • Projects: It is a documentation regards a practical project that you did. Including the schematics, source codes and needed diagrams. You would share the learned lessons and difficulties you have faced.
    • ~ 1500 words.
    • At least 2 images.
    • Video of experiments.
    • Source code to replicate the project.

Are you interested to join us?

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