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Expertise and Knowledge Matters:
Engineering, in general, requires a lot of effort to gain actual experience and become proficient in design. It takes years of hands-on development experience and cannot be solely taught through online resources or textbooks. A single wrong decision in hardware product development can result in significant delays, increased costs, and even non-functioning products.

Embedded System Engineering Long Journy:
I have been working in the field of Embedded System Engineering since 2014, gaining international experience in both on-site and online consultant and employment positions. My experience includes exposure to Firmware and Electronics development for various applications. Throughout my journey, I have been responsible for different phases of the product life-cycle, including the 🔧 development of low-level sensors/module drivers, 📟 application firmware, 🛠️ design for manufacturing (DFM), 🔬 prototyping, and various types of 🧪 testing and analysis. I also have a research interest in the areas of Tiny machine learning (TinyML) and sensor fusion. I hold a degree in Computer Engineering and a master’s degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering.

Your Project:
I am eager to leverage my past experiences and background to thoroughly understand your requirements, propose the right decisions, and successfully execute the necessary tasks with precision and timeliness.

Yahya Tawil

Embedded Systems Engineer, Atadiat's Founder

Past Clients

Firmware design, Electronics development and content creation for previous clients from 🇯🇵 Japan, 🇺🇸 USA, 🇨🇿 Czech Republic, 🇬🇷 Greece, and more

" I worked with Yahya Tawil over a period of 5 years where he provided engineering services (consulting / PCB design) for designing electronic circuits (over 20) across a wide range of applications. Yahya's knowledgeable in embedded processors and electronics was always very invaluable. Most importantly. he was very pleasant to work with. I would have used his services more if he had been available. "

Client: Christian fortunel - Consultant with over 20 years in the enterprise software field - NC, USA.
Period: 2017-2021


We use Arduino and Raspberry PI for quick prototypes and PoCs. We use SDKs from manufacturers like Nordic Semiconductors and Espressif Systems for market products. For real-time requirements, we use Zephyr, Mbed-OS or Freertos. If you need a connected product then BLE is an option. For Edge computing, we can deploy TinyML (tiny machine learning) on the embedded devices. The technologies we know are not limited to:

eagle cad
Raspberry Pi
OpenCV Python


We provide the following:

Firmware Development

Application firmware, C/C++ sensors driver, board bringing-up, Bootloader, and OTA.

Technical Support

Providing consulting on design optimization, testing, part selection, and design decisions.

Hardware Design

Schematic design, 2- and 4-layer PCB design, Breakout boards design, and evaluation board design.

Technical Documentation & Written Content Creation

Technical documentation and written content creation for embedded hardware/software projects.


Providing corporate training for employees in variety of embedded systems topics.

Case Studies

A lot of embedded systems projects were done with passion and joy. Here are some of them:

Schematic and PCB design

2-layer PCB design using Eagle CAD and Altium CAD.

ESP Alarm

Wi-Fi Enabled Alarm Clock with an ESP8266 and Arduino UNO .

Control Circuit with Adjustable Working Time via Wi-Fi

DC loads on and off using immediate actions or via timers set in advance.

FT4232H Multi-sensor USB board

A multi-sensor boards with FT4232H with optional ESP32 to drive all sensors using a Desktop application.

Signal Processing Board

35-45V power supply

High voltage power supply

3.3V to 390-470V voltage booster power supply

Qibla direction finder with tilt compensation

Open-source Qibla finder with tilt compensation using 9-DoF IMU and GPS.

16lab's Smart Ring

Ozon Ring Firmware Development .

Autonomous baby monitor

Firmware Development.


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    A conference call to know more about the project and the requirements.

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    In-depth call about deliverables, details and specifications .

  • Sending service price quotation

    Price quotation based on the requested deliverables and estimated working hours.

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