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A Tour Inside Arduino Core: Source Files, How to Make A New Core and Arduino Building Steps

Arduino core is the place where all built-in functions like: pinMode(), digitalWrite(), analogRead(), Serial.begin() ...etc are defined. This article is…

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Bit-banding Explained: A Key Feature of ARM Cortex-M3/M4

If you have ever taken a part of developing a firmware for a device, then you should have used bit-field…

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An Introduction to Counterfeit ICs: Counterfeiting, Detection and Avoidance Methods

A detailed introduction about technologies used in detection and avoidance of counterfeit ICs with references from more than 8 research…

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A Full Review of EasyEDA: A Circuit EDA Online Tool

EDA cloud tools which are related to electronics are emerging exponentially. This is a review of EasyEDA, the free EDA…

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Embedded C: Struct and Union

In this article we are going to discuss a couple of complex data structures in C. Understanding struct and union…

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A Guide to Switch from Eagle CAD V 7.x to V 8.x

In the software world, moving from one release to the latest one is a big concern. This guide will help…

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